FYI – Both TACCOC events listed on the race calendar in October and November are going to be ONE day events.

The Spring Meeting will be on Saturday October 6th only.  (Bathurst is the next day so there were no available marshals)

The Spring Classic will be on Sunday November 4th only.

2012 – 2013 Race Calendar

Believe it or not, but the first race of the new season is only four months away this weekend.  And everyone knows that the older one gets, the quicker the year flies by, so before you know it, that time that you thought you had to fix this or that on the car will all be gone.

The latest DRAFT issue of the race calendar can be downloaded by clicking on the link at the bottom of this post.  Please note that Formula Fords WILL be on the race programme for BOTH weekends of the NZ Festival of Motorsport celebrating Denny Hulme.

As part of the Denny Hulme festival it is hoped that there will be an overseas contingent coming to race in the Historic Formula Ford class with the “Internationals” getting their first taste of NZ motor racing at the Taupo event on the weekend prior – so three weekends to mark down as ones to compete in.

As per previous years, the HRSCC Picnic at the Taupo Club Track is a non-championship, non-stress, non-gridded, non-timed event just for a bit of fun and, well, time for a picnic.

A FINAL issue of the race calendar will be issued on 1st September.  Any events added after this date will be non-championship, just-for-fun events.



Race Calendar Alteration

The race calendar released a few weeks back has been altered.  Pukekohe has double booked events on the 15th October, so the TACCOC Spring Meeting has been moved forward one week to October 8.

Also, two new events have been added; both are HRC events – one on the 3rd and 4th of March, the other on the 6th of May.  Both of these events will be held at Hampton Downs.

Please download the new Historic Formula Ford Calendar here: