Avon Tyres Historic Formula Ford – Sponsorship Announcement

It is with pleasure that we can announce that for the 2012/2013 season, Avon Tyres will provide sponsorship to Historic Formula Ford Racing.  On behalf of the competitors, we extend a warm thank you to Avon for providing some sponsorship for the upcoming season.
As such, the 2012/2013 season will now be known as the Avon Tyres Historic Formula Ford Championship.  Full details to be found in email inboxes soon.

Legends of Speed Race Report

In 1911, a little old race was had on an oval circuit out the back of Indianapolis.  They raced for 500-miles, and after a grueling 6 and 3/4 hours, a yellow car, emblazoned with the number 32, crossed the line in first place, becoming the inaugural winner of the Indianapolis 500.

The Marmon #32, winner of the inaugural Indy 500 (1911), and possibly the first car to be fitted with a rear view mirror

And today, after a somewhat slightly shorter race time of around 10-minutes, Mr Michael Clarke carried another yellow car emblazoned with the number 32 across the line to take the chequered flag for his inaugural victory.  Congratulations, Sir!

Michael Clark; Crossle 30F; took his first win today, ironically having lost his mirror in an earlier race

The weekend saw a total of six races for the majority of cars, as the Formula Fords took over the Super Historics division and garnered double the race time, and double the fun, with rolling starts for the “Super” Formula Ford races.

In the points scoring races, Phil Foulkes and Grant Campbell showed a clean set of heels in all three races opening up a sizable gap to the Class 1 cars, but only managing a few tenths on each other, with Phil taking victory time and again.

Over in Class 1, championship leader Tony Cross was making a habit of fluffing the starts, bogging down and being passed by two or three cars, requiring him to fight back through to get up to challenge Dave Silverton and Class 1 line honours; the two racing lap for lap on each others gearboxes.

Meanwhile, a few tenths back, the two Mikes (Clark and Cresswell) were dicing over third place in class for most of the weekend, however a recurrent fuel problem saw Mike Creswell drop back in several races, often by a few positions, leaving Don Hopkins, Richard Cullen and Vic Clark to quarrel over the minor placings.

Team Lolas-will-take-over-the-world members Bruce McCoy and Chris Fraser (the other two members racing this weekend being Tony Cross and Mike Cresswell) were closely matched all weekend, often dicing amongst themselves, plus Vic Clarke or Richard Cullen, depending on the race at hand.

Rounding out the field this weekend was Phil Major, having made the trek up from Wellington – great to see him for the first time this season able to join in on the fun.

Unfortunately a coming together between Barry Thomas and Gerald Duncan in one of the “Super” Formula Ford races left both cars broken (the Royale suffering rear suspension damage and the Cheetah a destroyed right hand radiator, radiator frame, cowling and bent front right tie rod) – a sad sight during such a great weekend of racing up and down the field.

Other damage sustained during the weekend was incurred when Don Hopkins had a spin and both Tony Cross and Richard Cullen took evasive Rally-Cross action via the grass verges; a few moments later, Richard’s nose cone lifted off and hit him on the head, and Tony’s steering rack and pinion jumped a tooth (or two) from the rather bumpy landing he had jumping the tractor tracks and divots in the grass, leaving him turning right and driving straight – just another job for Ian to fix up….

Pukekohe throws up close racing throughout the field,  and this weekend was no exception.


The final round of the season is on May 6th at Hampton Downs.


Championship Movements

After two events being run since the last championship update, there has been some movement in the points table, with a new leader in Class I, and an old leader regaining the top spot in Class II, thanks to his class wins record.

In Class I, Mike Creswell (#7 Lola T342), has led a Lola charge towards the championship podium, grabbing the points lead on 339 points, with Tony Cross sniffing out another championship in his Lola T340, moving into second place on 290 points.

Both Mike and Tony benefited from Dave Silverton not racing at the MG Classic in Manfeild, with Dave now dropping to third overall on 267 points.

Ron Wilkin (#72 Elden) has made the most of attending all races to date, and slots in fourth on 232 points, with Vic Clarke, also making the best of turning out regularly on 223 points, rounding out the top five.

Completing the top ten is, Michael Clark (222), Graham Dickie (215), Gerald Duncan (159), Graeme Cameron (122) and Martin Lucas in his Lotus on 103 points.

Graeme Cameron and his ADF are the highest of the seasons new entrants, debuting at the MG Classis with three wins and fastest lap for the weekend.  Paul Dold, also debuting at Manfeild, also quickly clocked up enough points to reach triple digits, sitting 11’th in points on 119.

Class 2 cars have been a rare sight this season, with Mike Lee and his Mondiale entering the most events, and by virtue of this, sits first equal on 240-points with Grant Campbell, however Grant takes the lead as he has won seven races thus far this season.  Lindsay Porter in his Lola T644 lies third on 136 points, with Phil Foulkes in the 22 car on 122, and Peter Boel fifth on 65.

Icebreaker 2011

The 2011 season got underway on a weekend of changeable weather conditions.  Saturday saw sunshine and a bit of wind, with Sunday really living up to the Icebreaker name with a cold Southerly and rain – so much so, that Race 3 was reduced to 6-laps, and only 5 cars took the starters orders.

Mike Creswell (Lola T342, #7) opened the weekend setting fastest lap in qualifying with a 1:14.643.  Taking P2 was Dave Silverton (PRS, #43) on a 1:15.338, with the ever present Tony Cross (Lola T340, #340) setting P3 at 1:15.358.

Race 1 saw Creswell drop back in the first lap, with Silverton driving into the lead for the first three laps.  However, Class II driver, Grant Campbell (Swift FB4, #46)  soon took over on the 4th lap and wasn’t headed for the rest of the race.  Behind Campbell, Silverton and Cross filled out the top three at the line, with Cross only slipping back to third on the last lap.

Race 2, run under wet conditions on the Sunday morning saw lap times drop by around 10-seconds on average.  Creswell made for a better start to the race, maintaining the lead through to lap 6 where he dropped four places, falling behind the trio of Campbell, Cross and Silverton, as well as Mike Lee in his Class II Mondiale M86S (#55).

Race 3 turned into a wet weather practice session after a group consensus regarding the heavily deteriorated weather.

Fastest lap for the weekend went to Dave Silverton, outclassing the Class II cars, and taking all four bonus points on offer for the weekend.

The second round of the series now moves to the bumps and divits of Pukekohe Park Raceway on October 8th for a one-day, quick-fire event.

Click here for the Championship Standings

Six Weeks ’till Season Start

This weekend marks six weeks until the seasoning opening Icebreaker event to be held at Hampton Downs on 24 and 25 September.   Entries can be lodged at Motorsport Entry.

There’s only some silly games of rugby on that weekend…the Whinging Poms vs. the Revolutionist Romanians, an all Island affair between the Fijians and the Samoans, the Guinness Swilling Irish vs. the Vodka Toting Russians, the Haggis Eaters vs. Los Pumas, and the ever wily Frenchies vs. Us.

So really…not a single reason not to go racing……