2014-2015 Avon Tyres Championship Points Tables

Class One Championship Points Table

Class Champ – Ron Wilkin!!


Ron crests turn 3 at Hampton Downs


Place Driver Points
1 Ron Wilkin 798
2 Phil Foulkes 784
3 Keith Mainland 757
4 Martin Lucas 638
5 Chris Fraser 632
6 Tony Cross 585
7 Gerald Duncan 582
8 Keith Jones 498
9 Bruce McCoy 444
10 Dave Silverton 410
11 Paul Dold 399
12 Bernie Hines 394
13 Graeme Cameron 368
14 Peter Boel 364
15 Geoff Bogue 360
16 Don Hopkins 343
17 Michael Clark 292
18 David Banks 223
19 Mike Creswell 193
20 Craig Munro 100

Class Two Championship Points Table

Class Two Champ – Gavin Aleksich!!


Gavin (#55) trailing Lindsay Porter (#644)

Place Driver Points
1 Gavin Aleksich 647
2 Tony Graham 420
3 Lindsay Porter 386
4 Frank van Lingen 255
5 John Pickford 254

Do You Have a Flag? Why, yes; yes, we do…

Flags.  Things that flap in the wind, and things you use to take over the world (see below).  They are also things that we use to say “Hey! Over here!!”, and as of this weekend (Icebreaker), Historic Formula Ford Racing has it’s own set of “Hey! Over here!!” flags, courtesy of Avon Tyres, our seasons’ sponsor.

So, to aid in curing where-am-i-going-to-pit-itis, just look for our new flags and pit near them (all in a nice row).

Avon Tyres Historic Formula Ford – Sponsorship Announcement

It is with pleasure that we can announce that for the 2012/2013 season, Avon Tyres will provide sponsorship to Historic Formula Ford Racing.  On behalf of the competitors, we extend a warm thank you to Avon for providing some sponsorship for the upcoming season.
As such, the 2012/2013 season will now be known as the Avon Tyres Historic Formula Ford Championship.  Full details to be found in email inboxes soon.