2014-2015 Season Wrap

Better late than never, as they say!!

This wrap-up has been sitting in the draft pile on the website for a week or ten too long, so apologies to everyone for not getting my A into G and hitting the “publish” button.

So without any further delay…drum roll please….

This seasons victors and recipients of a F1 test with Manor F1 (OK, maybe that last bit is a little bit untrue), are Ron Wilkin and Gavin Aleksich in Class 1 and 2 respectively.

Whilst not taking away a victory this season, Ron has plugged away at the top, or near the top from start to finish this past season and was able to amass a decent haul of points to see him better long time racer Phil Foulkes by 14 points, even with Phil phoning a friend in the last race to try and overcome the points gap.  A happy third was first season veteran Keith Mainland.

Class 2 was headed this season by first season veteran Gavin Aleksich taking his Mondiale into the top weekend points on several occasions.  The ever fast Tony Graham was second, and Lindsay Porter took home third place laurels.

Congrats to everyone that raced this season!!

2014-2015 Avon Tyres Championship Points Tables

Class One Championship Points Table

Class Champ – Ron Wilkin!!


Ron crests turn 3 at Hampton Downs


Place Driver Points
1 Ron Wilkin 798
2 Phil Foulkes 784
3 Keith Mainland 757
4 Martin Lucas 638
5 Chris Fraser 632
6 Tony Cross 585
7 Gerald Duncan 582
8 Keith Jones 498
9 Bruce McCoy 444
10 Dave Silverton 410
11 Paul Dold 399
12 Bernie Hines 394
13 Graeme Cameron 368
14 Peter Boel 364
15 Geoff Bogue 360
16 Don Hopkins 343
17 Michael Clark 292
18 David Banks 223
19 Mike Creswell 193
20 Craig Munro 100

Class Two Championship Points Table

Class Two Champ – Gavin Aleksich!!


Gavin (#55) trailing Lindsay Porter (#644)

Place Driver Points
1 Gavin Aleksich 647
2 Tony Graham 420
3 Lindsay Porter 386
4 Frank van Lingen 255
5 John Pickford 254

Icebreaker 2014

34 191 crop

Well, the weather was supposed to be pretty marginal all weekend, and so it turned out – on the day that was supposed to be fine (ish).

Eight likely lads and their cars entered the Icebreaker to kick the 2014/15 season off, and with the weatherman getting the Saturday forecast almost 100% face about arse, practise/qually and the afternoons races went off without a hitch.  Most of the field also did the double in qually, and tagged along with the Formula Libre class for an additional seven laps or so.

The first race saw Tony Cross in pole, closely followed by Peter Boel in his Lotus 51B, and Martin Lucas in his new (old?) Van Diemen taking third.  During the race, Tony managed to pull away from Peter to finish 2.3secs up, with Don Hopkins rounding out the podium a close 0.6secs behind Peter.

Overnight the weather worsened with a swing to a front coming up from the South West.  This meant some heavy rain, and continual showers for the first half of the day, resulting in many of the Historic Muscle Cars packing it in for the day and heading home.  Formula Libre also threw in the towel (something about them only having slicks…when will they learn??) so it was down to the Formula Fords to fly the open wheeler flag.

“A river runs through it” would have been an apt description of the course when race two rolled around.  Coupled with a strong headwind along the pit straight, the race was going to be a challenge from the outset.  After a two lap warmup, the race got underway with all cars safely off the grid.  However it was not to remain as Craig Munro aqua-planed into the Armco barrier 350m from the sweeper resulting in a three legged Lola.  This brought out the red flag, and the race was restarted, albeit missing half the grid as several then took the safe option and headed for the pits to retire.  Tony Cross, Peter Boel, Martin Lucas and Dave Silverton took the restart, but Dave decided discretion was the better part of valour and soon called it quits on the race.

This left Tony, Peter and Martin to safely circulate and make it to the chequered flag.

The final race was run in better conditions, but with one car out with damage, and two off home for a pre-planned beer or three, only five cars took starters orders.  Tony Cross made it a brace of victories, and Peter Boel a brace of seconds.  Don Hopkins registered another third for the weekend.

The racing now moves on to the first TACCOC race meeting at Pukekohe on October 4th.

New National / North Island / South Island Formula Ford Series



North Island and South Island Formula Ford Series Announced

All series’ working together for bigger grids next season

Formula Ford racing could receive a major boost to grids with the announcement of North and South island local series, both of which will share some dates with the national Formula Ford championship.

Both the North Island and South Island series will be open to any Formula Ford racing cars, but a variety of classes incorporating modern and less contemporary machinery will operate to encourage more drivers to bring out the legendary single seater racing cars. Classes will cater for all later eras of the popular racing category.

Each of the North Island and South Island series will run over six rounds, with each sharing three rounds with the premier six round National Formula Ford Championship – a title which boasts some of the country’s finest racing names as winners.

North Island-based Formula Ford drivers and teams can double up by competing for both the National title and the North Island title. The national championship rounds at Hampton Downs (February 1 and 2), Manfeild (February 8 and 9) and Taupo (March 8 and 9) will also form three rounds of the new North Island series, with the three New Zealand Racing Drivers League meetings at Manfeild (March 1 and 2), Taupo (April 5 and 6) and Hampton Downs (May 3 and 4) completing the North Island series dates.

There will be a similar opportunity on the South Island for teams and drivers there, with the championship rounds at Ruapuna on November 2 and 3, Teretonga on January 11 and 12 and Levels on January 18 and 19 qualifying for both National Championship points and South Island Formula Ford series points, with further meetings at Levels on November 17th, Teretonga on December 7 and 8 and Ruapuna on March 23 providing the remaining three rounds for the South Island Formula Ford series.

“It is very positive to see a high level of co-operation within the Formula Ford classes with the aim to secure a future for the NZ Formula Ford Championship,” explained MotorSport New Zealand’s General Manager,  Brian Budd. “Formula Ford is still accepted internationally as the ideal formula in which young race car drivers can develop race craft that positions them to go on and succeed in wings and slicks formulas. For that reason MotorSport New Zealand continues to support Formula Ford.”

NZRDL co-organiser and HRC boss Chris Watson was also delighted with the news of a coordinated Formula Ford approach in NZ. “We’re very pleased to be involved in this very exciting resurgence in Formula Ford racing. The category has always been an important step in the career of young drivers and by including Historic Formula Ford it gives younger drivers less of a financial hurdle to enter the class.”

South Island series organiser Steve Edwards too, says the coordinated approach is great news for Formula Ford in New Zealand.

“New Zealand is a small country so one set of regulations for all FF championships is sensible simply so cars can enter a range of events. Currently all four series have their own rules which divides the racing potential of the 150 odd cars in the country. One core set of regulations have been achieved and that is great news. We want maximum sized grids this season. By improving the ‘class’ structure of the national series this has been achieved. We all very much hope the outcome will be substantial grid sizes with purposeful, close racing throughout.”

A Busy 2013/2014 Schedule Ahead

header 2

The 2013/2014 race season is fast approaching.  Much has been happening behind the scenes in Formula Ford on a national level with the aim of reinvigorating the Formula Ford scene in both the North and South Islands.  As Historic classed Formula Fords, we are eligible to race in any of the below listed events; the only thing holding you back will be the bank manager *cough* wife *cough*.

We’d also like to thank Avon Tyres who have come on board again for this season to support the Historic Formula Ford race series.  Cheers to Avon (and Paul).

Avon Tyres Historic Formula Ford Series:

  1. 14/15 September – Icebreaker @ Hampton Downs
  2. 5 October – Spring Classic @ Pukekohe
  3. 3 November – Summer Classic @ Hampton Downs
  4. 11/12 January – Tasman Revival @ Taupo
  5. 18/19 January – NZFMR 1 @ Hampton Downs (and/or)
  6. 25/26 January – NZFMR 2 @ Hampton Downs (and/or)
  7. 22/23 February – Tasman Revival @ Pukekohe
  8. 29/30 March – Legends of Speed @ Hampton Downs

Note that the (and/or) for NZFMR is listed as the programme has yet to be announced

Historic Formula Ford Minor Series Events:

  1. 9/10 November – MG Classic @ Manfeild
  2. 30 Nov / 1 Dec – HRSCC Picnic @ Taupo Club Circuit

South Island Historic Events (weekend of):

  1. 31 January – Skope Classic @ Ruapuna
  2. 7 February – Enzed @ Levels, Timaru
  3. 14 Feb – Southern Fest @ Teretonga
  4. 19 April – Classic Event @ Highlands Park  (to be confirmed)

North Island Formula Ford Championship (to be run alongside the NZ Racing Drivers League):

  1. 1/2 February – Round 1 @ Hampton Downs
  2. 8/9 February – Round 2 @ Manfeild
  3. 1/2 March – Round 3 @ Manfeild
  4. 8/9 March – Round 4 @ Taupo
  5. 5/6 April – Round 5 @ Taupo
  6. 3/4 May – Round 6 (Final) @ Hampton Downs


South Island Formula Ford Championship:

  1. 2/3 November – Round 1 @ Ruapuna
  2. 17 November – Round 2 @ Timaru (short circuit)
  3. 7/8 December – Round 3 @ Teretonga
  4. 11/12 January – Round 4 @ Teretonga
  5. 18/19 January – Round 5 @ Timaru (long circuit)
  6. 23 March – Round 6 (Final) @ Ruapuna


National Formula Ford 1600 Championship (Motorsport NZ):

  1. 2/3 November – Round 1 @ Ruapuna
  2. 11/12 January – Round 2 @ Teretonga
  3. 18/19 January – Round 3 @ Timaru
  4. 1/2 February – Round 4 @ Hampton Downs
  5. 8/9 February – Round 5 @ Manfeild
  6. 8/9 March – Round 6 (Final) @ Taupo

That’s a lot of racing, I hear you say…which is correct – if you were to attend all North Island Events, then that is 16 weekends of racing!!!

Entry fees into the North Island Formula Ford races are yet to be ratified, but there will be a class solely for Historic Formula Fords (i.e. cars complying with our Technical Regulations and with a COD).  There will also be a prize fund set up, of which all drivers are eligible, so you never know…you might make enough winnings to afford some of those fancy coffees you get nowadays.  Please consider supporting this new series, even if it is just to race one or two rounds.  In this inaugural season, grid numbers are likely to need our support.