More Pukekohe Upgrade Photos

Went and had a look for myself at the progress at Pukekohe.  In a nutshell:

Concrete barriers everywhere!

They’re on the outside of turn one, the outside of Ford Corner, the inside of the pits, the exit of the pits, along the front straight, and all along Jennian Corner.

I’ve pinched these photo’s off Facebook, and as you can see, some were taken prior to  some of the concrete blocks going in.  Note that some images are looking backwards down the track, so the inside is the outside, and the outside is the inside.  Though, if you’ve spun there before, it will look totally normal to you.

All the ripple strips are being redone, so what looks like a smooth apex through Railway will in the end have ripples.

Apparently there is a approx 2m elevation through the new corners.  Pukekohe has a new mountain to climb!!

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One thought on “More Pukekohe Upgrade Photos

  1. Grant Campbell says:

    Hm this looks interesting. In my opinion the concrete barriers may prove to be better for Formula Fords than the existing Armco and previous wooden barriers.
    Provided you do not run into the concrete barriers end on (as Jason Courage in 1991 with the result of a badly broken leg) the car should “run down” the barrier and in my opinion provide less chance of driver injury.
    From my experience of Pukekohe barriers (I’ve run into a few of them over the years) the old wooden barriers and armco can be very destructive to cars. I have participated in two big accidents at turn one. The first in 1974 when Phill dropped a sump of oil (it was raining) in front of my Titan which ended up with the car through the wooden barrier and inside the old stables building, the car was very extensively damaged. The second occured in 1988 when another competitor tapped my right rear wheel with his left front entering turn one. This resulted in the car going through the outside fence snapping two of the 6 X 6 posts. This was a very nasty accident with the chassis extensively damaged. Effectively a write-off. I walked away with bruising but one of the posts penetrated the car to within an inch odd of my pelvis snapping the centre upright of the main fuel tank bulkhead which was constructed of about 1/8″ wall thickness 4130 steel! A very lucky escape.
    Therefore I am happy to chance my luck on the concrete barriers, they must be better than Armco.

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