NZFMR Update: Dutch Courage

Ed Waalewijn; Van Diemen RF88

Ed Waalewijn; Van Diemen RF88

Following on from a little info on Alan Crocker, Ed Waalewijn has provided some information to us, along with a shot of his car.

Ed is from the Netherlands (if you hadn’t worked that out from his surname already), and has been racing Formula Fords in Europe since 2002 when he purchased his Van Diemen RF82.  Throughout 2003 to 2008, Ed raced in the CFFC championship, taking a third placing at Monza as well as third place honours overall in 2008.

In 2009 Ed upgraded his Van Diemen to an RF88, and this will be the car that he will bring to New Zealand.  In 2009 he again competed in the CFFC championship, taking a second at Dijon, and fourth in the championship.  He still races actively in Europe in the present FFR championship (that took over from the CFFC).  He took a race win in Zolder in 2010, and placed second overall in the championship in 2010.

Ed is a process engineer in the pharmaceutical industry and runs his own engineering consultancy company.  Hailing from Delft, Netherlands, Ed is a bachelor “which makes it realtively easy to endeavour on a trip like racing on the other side of the globe”.

Ed also has a Lotus Europe S1 from 1967 that he restored between 1996 and 2000.

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