Caption Competition

Use the “Leave a Comment” feature to post a funny caption for the goings on in this picture (there’s no actual prize, but I’m sure Bill Clarkson must be thinking something….) :

Mike enlists help to find the elusive fifth cylinder...

4 thoughts on “Caption Competition

  1. Mike Lee says:

    but i think Bill was trying to remember if he had assumed that position earlier in the morning and if the signs were there that he needed to find the nearest potra-loo

  2. Grant C says:

    Wot, you mean it hasnt got 5 speeds at all? And all the time my “5th” gear was actually reverse?
    Well that explains why I go backwards at the start! And I just thought it was my driving!!!

  3. Bill Clarkson says:

    If they dont sort it this time i’m gonna jam this where the sun dont shine !!!!
    Brace yourself Kevy boy.

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