Waimate 50 Motorsport Festival

Greetings HFFers


We have been approached by Nigel Barclay from Christchurch to see if any of us may be interested in the Waimate 50 over Labour Weekend. Here are some key points:



  • Pre 84 Formula Fords only
  • Races (not sprints)
  • The emphasis is on fun ! No youngsters trying to be heroes.
  • Derek Wilson is finalising SIFF calendar and there could be very close dates for Ruapuna and Levels for competitors to make a multi event trip, full racing and fun event.




Waimate 50 Special Event.interest.19

Icebreaker 2015

Only six weeks to go before the 2015-16 season commences at Hampton Downs at the annual Icebreaker event, to be held on 12-13 September.

Entries are now open on http://www.motorsportentry.com – this years entry fees have gone up, no doubt to largely reflect the additional costs imposed by MSNZ lately.  Entry is $300.00, and a further $150.00 will get you practice/shakedown time on Friday 11th September.

Garage space is $150.00.

In the meantime, enjoy this little ditty…

2014-2015 Season Wrap

Better late than never, as they say!!

This wrap-up has been sitting in the draft pile on the website for a week or ten too long, so apologies to everyone for not getting my A into G and hitting the “publish” button.

So without any further delay…drum roll please….

This seasons victors and recipients of a F1 test with Manor F1 (OK, maybe that last bit is a little bit untrue), are Ron Wilkin and Gavin Aleksich in Class 1 and 2 respectively.

Whilst not taking away a victory this season, Ron has plugged away at the top, or near the top from start to finish this past season and was able to amass a decent haul of points to see him better long time racer Phil Foulkes by 14 points, even with Phil phoning a friend in the last race to try and overcome the points gap.  A happy third was first season veteran Keith Mainland.

Class 2 was headed this season by first season veteran Gavin Aleksich taking his Mondiale into the top weekend points on several occasions.  The ever fast Tony Graham was second, and Lindsay Porter took home third place laurels.

Congrats to everyone that raced this season!!

2014-2015 Avon Tyres Championship Points Tables

Class One Championship Points Table

Class Champ – Ron Wilkin!!


Ron crests turn 3 at Hampton Downs


Place Driver Points
1 Ron Wilkin 798
2 Phil Foulkes 784
3 Keith Mainland 757
4 Martin Lucas 638
5 Chris Fraser 632
6 Tony Cross 585
7 Gerald Duncan 582
8 Keith Jones 498
9 Bruce McCoy 444
10 Dave Silverton 410
11 Paul Dold 399
12 Bernie Hines 394
13 Graeme Cameron 368
14 Peter Boel 364
15 Geoff Bogue 360
16 Don Hopkins 343
17 Michael Clark 292
18 David Banks 223
19 Mike Creswell 193
20 Craig Munro 100

Class Two Championship Points Table

Class Two Champ – Gavin Aleksich!!


Gavin (#55) trailing Lindsay Porter (#644)

Place Driver Points
1 Gavin Aleksich 647
2 Tony Graham 420
3 Lindsay Porter 386
4 Frank van Lingen 255
5 John Pickford 254