Historic Formula Ford


Ed Zink produced his first racecar, the Zink Petit Sports racer in 1963. Three were produced, one wining the SCCA National Championship in 1963 for the H-Modified class. Ed Zink then produced the Zink Z-4 (4 representing the year it was created) Sports racer.

The engine was placed mid-ship and sent power to the rear wheels. There were only three of these ever created with two being powered by DKW engines and one by a Coventry-Climax FWA unit. Disc brakes could be found at all four corners and the fibreglass body was suspended in place by an independent suspension.

In 1965 Ed produced his first formula Vee the Zink Z-5. The Z-5 had a semi monocoque steel chassis. These dominated formula Vee and in 1967 filled the first 5 places in the US. In response the SCCA banned stressed steel panels. Zink negotiated a cut off date to allow existing owners to comply with these requirements. The Z-5 continued to dominate; Hundreds of Z-5’s were produced.
In 1968 the Z-8 Sports racer was produced using a fuel injected VW engine, VW gearbox and brakes. One complete car and one spare chassis only were produced.
The announcement of the Super Vee Series in the US led Ed Zink to create the Zink Z-9 Super Vee, of which about 10 were produced. They had rocker front suspension.
1969 Z-9
In 1974 Citation engineering was formed by Stephen Lathrope to take over the manufacture and marketing of Zink racing cars. The Zink Z-10 was the first model produced and was however still designed by Ed Zink for Citation to produce. This picture is the first car produced by Citation the Z-10 at its first race in 1974; this is the car I now own.

Zink z-10 Formula Ford
The Z10 was available as a complete turnkey car or in kit from to allow other Formula Ford owners to update. You could also build your own as the front stubs and rear axels came from the VW type 3, 90 frames were built. The 1974 Zink Z-11 Super Vee was a Z10 with wings and a modified engine compartment to allow for fitment of the flat VW engine and bodywork to allow for air-cooling the engine. Z-12 Formula Vee. The Z-12 was produced until 1982.

1976      Citation Zink Z-14 Super Vee

1977 Citation Zink Z-16 Formula Ford , This model was very successful in the US

87-90 Citation 87SF FORMULA FORD2000

1987-90 Citation 87F FORMULA FORD
The company is now known as ICP/ Citation. Since 1974 when Citation was formed these cars have taken out 12 SCCA National Championships; 5 Formula Vee, 5 Formula Ford, 2 Formula Continental and 2 Super Vee championships

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